Marketing Automation Will Boost Your Bottom Line

Pile of PenniesThe modern professional has a lot on her plate. Whether you run a business, lead a marketing team or nurture sales leads, the balance of satisfying existing customers and gathering new business demands 100 percent focus and then some. That’s where marketing automation can help. Part personal assistant, part data specialist, this software knocks out scheduling and analytics tasks that previously took up professionals’ precious time.

As professionals pile up more work and stress, marketing automation can set you apart from the competition. The tools are there — use them to your advantage. IDC predicts that the market for automated marketing will grow to $4.8 billion by 2015, according to An automation workflow can enhance every part of the marketing process, from scouting new prospects to researching leads to following up with new customers.

Never Lose a Lead

With so many appointments, conference calls and responsibility, professionals can’t help but forget about a lead every once in a while. Who knows how much revenue has been lost because a salesperson threw away the sticky note with that interested prospect’s phone? Marketing automation takes the stress out of keeping track of leads. Once lead information is in the system, you’ll receive regular updates reminding you to follow up. Once a lead proves unfruitful, delete it from the system. Until then, marketing automation will keep you on track so you don’t miss out on a big fish.

On Demand Research

In a perfect world, we would all have a team of researchers to compile relevant information while we attack our daily tasks head on. There’s a reason lawyers, doctors and professors are known for their poise and preparedness. Most of us, on the other hand, have to make due with what we have. It might not be a team of researchers, but marketing automation software can collect relevant information on its own before opening a lead. Salesforce, for example, features tracking data, CRM integration and social profile lookups on leads. Those cold calls feel much warmer when you have an automatically generated profile at your disposal.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Marketing automation may move things along, but it usually takes human interaction to close a deal. The strongest lead is always the most important, but cooler leads shouldn’t need to suffer. Marketing automation can turn that stack of business cards into warm leads. These systems send automated emails to keep in contact with your cooler leads while you close the sure thing. When a cool lead turns into a warm lead, you’ll be the first to know. Rinse and repeat.

Analyze Your Outreach

This software doesn’t just execute marketing campaigns, it also monitors their success. Track conversion and click-through rates to determine what content most effectively garners new leads. An efficient marketing solution is useless unless you can track the results. As you tailor your campaign based on this data, you’ll see more output and higher conversions. That’s a dangerous combination.


  1. says

    Your post is fabulous in explaining the key features a good marketing automation software must have to cut down on time while also boosting the bottom line.

    With Infusionsoft, you get Marketing and SALES automation! I noticed that you’re review of their software was a tad outdated – there were major upgrades to the Campaign Builder and overall functionality. When you can, take a second look…I think you’ll be pleased. 🙂

    • Pete Stenost says

      Meh, Infusionsoft is an average CRM combined with an average MA platform. Not impressed with support either.

      One is better off picking a platforms that work well together, but are each solid at their respective goals.

      Plus, I’m not a huge fan of a vendor I’m paying using my marketing to market themselves.

  2. says

    Even the best CRM doesn’t provide the value of hiring a qualified, lead generation advisor or consultant. Brands often purchase marketing automation software before they have a lead generation strategy in place, and then get locked into managing leads based on the software and not their vision and content. A prospecting firm provides a systematized approach to finding and identifying qualified prospects – assuring effective market coverage and generating actionable market intelligence. In short, don’t try to shortcut the work of identifying and nurturing prospects who are most likely to buy, because they have the better ROI.

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