Marketing Automation Market Share


According to Datanyze, Hubspot is the leader in marketing automation market share for installations.  Datanyze works by reading the actual systems that are embedded in marketers’ web sites.

Every day, the company crawls millions of websites with its custom spider technology, searching for hints about what software each company is using. Anything on your website related to the marketing automation system that you’re using or that CRM you’ve adopted reveals traces of what systems you’ve bought and what solutions you’re using. Bits of code, fragments of Javascript, embeds, even CSS markup could be the clue.

Venture Beat has used this information to create the following Marketing Automation index:

  1. Hubspot: Simplicity and accessibility, plus power, all in one package
  2. Marketo: Explosive growth and a wide range of tools
  3. Eloqua: The power of enterprise and the usability of a modern startup, nicely married
  4. Salesforce: A vision of ultimate connectedness in Salesforce1, and a lot of present reality in AppExchange, plus, of course, Pardot
  5. SAS: Power, power, power. Pricy, but perhaps the most user-friendly big-company solution
  6. IBM: Power to spare but be prepared to integrate and train and launch (IBM owns Unica)
  7. InfusionSoft: Built-in e-commerce, drag-and-drop campaigns
  8. Act-On: Strong mid-market performer with a focus on non-tech, non-Silicon Valley companies.
  9. LoopFuse: Very affordable starting pricing
  10. Silverpop: Amazing for email

It is important to remember that these figures are counting clients, not revenue: HubSpot has three times as many clients than Marketo but 10% less 2013 revenue  ($77.6 million for HubSpot and $85.1 million for Marketo).


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