Use Data to Drive Better Email Marketing


In an ideal world, your very first email to any given prospect would be so tailored to them that you’d positively dominate their attention and pop out from the clutter in a flash. Example: “Hey Steven, it’s a good thing you were searching for marketing software on Google this week, otherwise you may never have […]

Infusionsoft Email Deliverability Issue

Infusionsoft logo

For over one month, some Infusionsoft customers have struggled with email deliverability and this week management addressed the issue in the following email communication to customers. As you know, over the past few weeks, we’ve struggled with a thorny email reputation challenge that resulted in a temporary decline in the deliverability of single opt-in emails routed […]

ExactTarget Purchases Pardot for $95 Million

ExactTarget and Pardot logos

Pardot cashed in on a buyout offer from ExactTarget to the tune of $95.5 million ($85.5 million in cash and $10.0 million in ExactTarget common stock).  Pardot did not receive any VC funding so this means a big payout to founders and shareholders. Pardot started in 2007 and quickly became a marketing automation favorite for small to medium sized businesses.  Now at 1,000 customers, […]

Marketo’s Small Business ‘Spark’


Earlier this month Marketo launched a marketing automation suite designed for small businesses called Spark.  Starting at $750 per month this appears to be Marketo’s answer to less expensive competitors like Pardot, Genius, and Hubspot. Spark is built on the same technology platform that runs Marketo’s 1,300 customers and features include… Email Marketing: Spark enables […]

Greg Head from Infusionsoft on The Marketing Automation Podcast

Greg Head from Infusionsoft

Our guest for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast is Greg Head, Chief Marketing Officer for Infusionsoft. Greg has a successful history in the software business with a track record of creating winning products, brands and businesses. For over 15 years, Greg helped grow the ACT! contact management and SalesLogix CRM businesses from startups […]

Marketing Automation: The Evolution of Email Marketing

Evolution Image

Brent Mellow at akaCRM wrote an interesting blog post entitled Email Marketing Solutions for  What I found interesting is how he combined marketing automation as an enhanced version of email marketing. The differentiating feature of a Marketing Automation application vs. an Email Marketing application, is automation as the name implies. No longer do you […]

Dukky Swims Into Marketing Automation


Entrepreneur magazine recently featured a marketing platform called Dukky which promises to generate ‘viral campaigns with print, email, social media and mobile marketing platform that will increase customer response by eight times more than traditional marketing. While it is not a pure marketing automation play, Dukky’s solution features high level campaign management, customer landing apges, […]

Marketing Automation Meets Sales 2.0

Jep Castelein at The Connected Marketer discusses how marketing automation dovetails with concepts discussed in Sales 2.0… Buyer Education The automated email campaigns in Marketing Automation systems are a great tool for buyer education. Based on a lead’s profile, interests and responses you can engage in a dialog focused on knowledge transfer. Once the lead […]

Marketo Recognized by Salesforce AppExchange

Marketo was honored with “BestMass Email” solution as part of’s AppExchange Best of ’09 Awards. Winners were determined based on feedback and reviews from customers, and Marketo’s mass email solution has received more than 45 reviews with perfect 5-star ratings for ease of use, value, and support. This is one of a series […]

Digging through data

Research has consistently shown that personalized email campaigns lead to 2-3x higher conversion rates than mass emails. Personalization can be a challenge due to a lack of data integration and bad data hygiene practices. If marketers can’t trust customer data, how can they use it for more relevant, personalized, timely interactions that drive revenue? According […]