Dukky Swims Into Marketing Automation


Entrepreneur magazine recently featured a marketing platform called Dukky which promises to generate ‘viral campaigns with print, email, social media and mobile marketing platform that will increase customer response by eight times more than traditional marketing. While it is not a pure marketing automation play, Dukky’s solution features high level campaign management, customer landing apges, […]

Lead Management – From Cradle to Grave

The Taber Report takes a look at the entire lead management process from lead generation to conversion in an article entitled The Life of a Lead. This article does a great job defining common semantics like lead, qualified lead, rejected lead, contacts, and customers. It talks about the importance of separating marketing and sales leads […]

Content Matters for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software without good content is like a boat without an engine. While there are a growing number of marketers that understand the value of content and are incorporating key industry topics into their early strategic planning, many view the content piece as an after-thought in their marketing automation strategy. Getting the attention of […]