5 Steps for Creating a Marketing Automation Business Case


The benefits of marketing automation are clear—at least, they are to most marketers. Increased revenue is a great benefit, of course. But marketing automation can also help businesses across multiple industries realize other advantages and achieve additional strategic goals. Early adopters understand this well. Gleanster found that 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing […]

Eloqua: Interview with Heidi Melin

Heidi Melin, Eloqua CMO

At Dreamforce 2012 we caught up with Heidi Melin, Chief Marketing Officer at Eloqua: When I was CMO at Polycom we needed to demonstrate the value that Marketing was providing to the organization and I could not do that in a credible fashion without a marketing automation platform like Eloqua.  During our evaluation process there […]

Fear Factor: Stop Avoiding These Three Marketing Automation Features

Fear with guy in glasses

Marketing automation, when used properly and fully, is intended to be the best friend a company’s marketing team could have. All too often though, the individuals who support the marketing automation efforts become intimidated by the array of tools available and end up viewing the entire system as a foe. As with most things in […]

The 4 Most Underused Marketing Automation Features

Features and Benefits

Lead nurturing, lead scoring, social media monitoring and campaign ROI reporting are the 4 most underused marketing automation features features according to Hubspot…   Lead Nurturing There are two main reasons marketers struggle when trying to get started with lead nurturing: Overcomplicating Lead Nurturing: They make it more complicated than it needs to be. There are a […]

Marketing Automation: 3 Trends to Watch in 2012

Adam Blitzer, Pardot

The field of marketing is quickly transitioning from an art form into a precise and measurable science. Simultaneously, interactions with prospects are more complex than ever before as social media marketing comes of age and new channels of communication are conceived all the time. Luckily, marketing automation is evolving just as quickly. Here are three […]

First Have Something to Say: Simple Marketing for Complex Marketing Automation

Listening with can

Psst… want to know a secret?  Marketing is simple.  Any marketer should be forced to explain their company’s value proposition in less than five words, and have it be compelling. Because that’s all marketing is: being concise and compelling, but recognizing that not everyone reacts to the same message.  The tough part is determining who will […]

Marketo’s Small Business ‘Spark’


Earlier this month Marketo launched a marketing automation suite designed for small businesses called Spark.  Starting at $750 per month this appears to be Marketo’s answer to less expensive competitors like Pardot, Genius, and Hubspot. Spark is built on the same technology platform that runs Marketo’s 1,300 customers and features include… Email Marketing: Spark enables […]