Lead Scoring 101: What, How, and Why You Need It


Lead scoring begins and ends with engagement. It starts with email recipients opening your message, digesting the content, then clicking on a call to action. That link will take them to a landing pages on your website where recipients can complete online forms to register for an event, receive additional information, or complete a survey. […]

Fear Factor: Stop Avoiding These Three Marketing Automation Features

Fear with guy in glasses

Marketing automation, when used properly and fully, is intended to be the best friend a company’s marketing team could have. All too often though, the individuals who support the marketing automation efforts become intimidated by the array of tools available and end up viewing the entire system as a foe. As with most things in […]

The 4 Most Underused Marketing Automation Features

Features and Benefits

Lead nurturing, lead scoring, social media monitoring and campaign ROI reporting are the 4 most underused marketing automation features features according to Hubspot…   Lead Nurturing There are two main reasons marketers struggle when trying to get started with lead nurturing: Overcomplicating Lead Nurturing: They make it more complicated than it needs to be. There are a […]

Marketo’s Small Business ‘Spark’


Earlier this month Marketo launched a marketing automation suite designed for small businesses called Spark.  Starting at $750 per month this appears to be Marketo’s answer to less expensive competitors like Pardot, Genius, and Hubspot. Spark is built on the same technology platform that runs Marketo’s 1,300 customers and features include… Email Marketing: Spark enables […]

Marketing Automation Renovation — Why Your Funnel is Leaky and What It’s Costing Your Business


We’ve all seen the funnel diagram. It’s a beautiful progressive graphic that seems to pull prospects down the rabbit hole, closer and closer to big money in all of our pockets.  It’s a nice visual, and it’s even fairly easy to setup in a marketing automation platform.  Leads exhibit certain behaviors and as sales representatives […]

10 Marketing Automation Must Haves

Richard Sharp at Marqui’s Web Marketing Blog posted Top 10 Marketing Automation Must Haves, Part 1. Here is a summary of the key big ideas. Fast landing page creation you can measure and a/b split test. Simple form creation that integrates with your website call-to-actions. All leads into 1 funnel. Bi-directional integration with your chosen […]

Salesforce.com Hungry for Marketing Automation?

Kevin Joyce is the chief marketing officer at Market2Lead and makes some interesting observations in his article on DestinationCRM entitled Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? Is Salesforce.com a threat to vendors of marketing automation solutions? According to Joyce, the most likely technologies to become commoditized and be fully absorbed by midmarket CRMs are: […]

Gartner Says Segmentation Helps Marketing Automation

According to Gartner, the most productive application of updated segmentation is lead management – particularly automated lead scoring. By converting segmentation criteria into business rules how leads are rated, or scored, providers see an immediate boost in lead volume and lead quality. “Even those who generate less leads resulting from a tighter, smaller market focus, […]