eTrigue Review

eTrigue Marketing Automation Review

  • eTrigue Professional which is being used by 220 companies (Cisco is largest customer) is being replaced by DemandCenter.
  • Companies are focusing expenditures based on sales volume and chosing their own solutions.  Compartmentalized based on each departments needs.
  • Developed by a leading Silicon Valley Marketing Agency (3 Marketeers).
  • The product was conceived internally.  They looked a variety of solutions and were not happy with the existing solutions.  Not happy with campaign management solutions.
  • 34 employees


  • Define Audience, Build Campaign, Manage Execution, Analyze Performance
  • Marketing Automation for the Rest of Us
  • Gives multiple campaign view with success stats in a single screan.
  • Horizontal campaign builder makes it easier to see entire campaign versus visio chart or stacked Box Approach by competitors make it hard to find
  • Makies it easier to identify high and low performing campaign components.
  • Easily evaluate and optimize campaigns.
    • Number of prospects at each stage, open and click-thru
  • Prebuilt campaigns and reports.
  • Real time alerts contain more information like lead score, culmative visit history, current visit details, prospect details, recent marketing.


  • Lead scoring is confusing and does not automatically roll up to one number like competition.
  • No chat, surveys, or social media.  No API tracking.

Implementation Process and Support

  • No training costs or set up fees.
  • Takes 5 days to get everything up and running.
  • Sales person puts together a profile that goest to Customer Suceess mangers.
  • CS managers help put together 1st campaigns and assist development of email template landing page.


  • 10,000 contacts in database $1,000 per month.
  • 500,000 at $7,000