LoopFuse Review


  • Freemium trial allows users to kick the tires of application.
  • Unlimited users, pageviews and email on all pricing tiers.
  • Easy to use CRM configuration.
  • ‘Watch List’ feature allows reps to flag key prospects for future follow up.
  • Company ‘Fuse Bar’ provides visual indicator of how well prospect has been marketed to.  Score is provided when prospect completes activity related to outbound marketing efforts
  • Salesforce integration shows page views, emails opened, marketing score, first activity, website registration, emails clicked, marketing grade, last activity,
  • Site implementation wizard quickly walks you through adding website tracking code and where to place.  Also how to track .pdf, word, lead capture form.  Same with lead capture forms.
  • Lead nurturing, auto responder, and campaign assignments can all be created from the lead capture form.
  • Updated User Interface targeted for late October 2010.


  • User interface is not intuitive.  Use of frames makes it harder to see all data.  Some charts and graphs are not visible unless you scroll.
  • No formal implementation process in place for every customer.
  • Weak Salesforce integration out of the box.  Does not automatically push data to reside in Salesforce.  Users needs to create custom fields in order to run reports in Salesforce.  Pulling down new leads and lead owner from Salesforce is once a day.
  • No drag and drop template builder for email or  landing pages.
  • Creating lead nuturing (or Lead flow) campaign is complex.  Campaign builder logic is not intuitive and requires additional learning.
  • Reporting lacks charts and graphs.  Most reports are delivered in Excel spreadsheet format.

Implementation Process and Support

  • Free account does not get formal support.  Support webpage and community message boards available.
  • All paid accounts receive Premium Support which gives access to technical staff Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. EST.
  • Implementation services are available upon request.


  • FreeView = $0.  Up to 2,500 prospects, 5,000 emails, 100,000 pageviews, unlimited users.
  • Unlimited emails, pageviews, and users on the following price tiers:
  • $350/per month – Up to 10,000 prospects
  • $750/per month – Up to 25,000 prospcects
  • $1,250/per month – Up to 50,0000 prospects
  • $2,000/per month – Up to 100,000 prospects
  • $3,000/per month – up to 250,000 prospects
  • CRM integration and support is available with every paid package.

Screen Shots

This is how LoopFuse appears in Salesforce.

Lead activity snapshot.

Email stats in graphical format.

Main navigation bar

Website configuration wizard.

Email marketing wizard

Email campaign wizard 2

List import wizard

Email campaign wizard 3

Auto authentication for email campaigns.

Report generator.