Greg Head from Infusionsoft on The Marketing Automation Podcast

Greg Head from Infusionsoft

Our guest for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast is Greg Head, Chief Marketing Officer for Infusionsoft. Greg has a successful history in the software business with a track record of creating winning products, brands and businesses. For over 15 years, Greg helped grow the ACT! contact management and SalesLogix CRM businesses from startups […]

4 Dirty Secrets About Marketing Automation


David Taber exposes marketing automation flaws in in his article entitled CRM: Four Dirty Little Secrets of Marketing Automation. Here are some of his key points. A Marketing Automation System without Content is an Empty Shell: Unlike simple e-mail blasting systems (which enable horizontal campaigns), a marketing automation system’s real value comes from their vertical […]

Oracle Purchases Market2Lead Assets

Enterprise software giant, Oracle, has acquired the intellectual property assets of marketing automation provider Market2Lead for an undisclosed sum.  What makes the purchase interesting is that Market2Lead has never been considered a  leader in the marketing automation space. Which begs the question, why would Oracle want to roll Market2Lead’s technology into Oracle’s CRM software?  This […]

Marketing Automation Meets Sales 2.0

Jep Castelein at The Connected Marketer discusses how marketing automation dovetails with concepts discussed in Sales 2.0… Buyer Education The automated email campaigns in Marketing Automation systems are a great tool for buyer education. Based on a lead’s profile, interests and responses you can engage in a dialog focused on knowledge transfer. Once the lead […]

10 Marketing Automation Must Haves

Richard Sharp at Marqui’s Web Marketing Blog posted Top 10 Marketing Automation Must Haves, Part 1. Here is a summary of the key big ideas. Fast landing page creation you can measure and a/b split test. Simple form creation that integrates with your website call-to-actions. All leads into 1 funnel. Bi-directional integration with your chosen […]