Use Data to Drive Better Email Marketing


In an ideal world, your very first email to any given prospect would be so tailored to them that you’d positively dominate their attention and pop out from the clutter in a flash. Example: “Hey Steven, it’s a good thing you were searching for marketing software on Google this week, otherwise you may never have […]

Marketing Automation: The Evolution of Email Marketing

Evolution Image

Brent Mellow at akaCRM wrote an interesting blog post entitled Email Marketing Solutions for  What I found interesting is how he combined marketing automation as an enhanced version of email marketing. The differentiating feature of a Marketing Automation application vs. an Email Marketing application, is automation as the name implies. No longer do you […]

Marketing Automation Meets Sales 2.0

Jep Castelein at The Connected Marketer discusses how marketing automation dovetails with concepts discussed in Sales 2.0… Buyer Education The automated email campaigns in Marketing Automation systems are a great tool for buyer education. Based on a lead’s profile, interests and responses you can engage in a dialog focused on knowledge transfer. Once the lead […]