LoopFuse Merges with Nearstream


LoopFuse has announced a merger with Nearstream, a provider of social engagement software.  The combined company to be called Nearstream offers an integrated customer engagement and automated marketing platform spanning web, email, and social. Nearstream uses social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to identify and engage based on buyer intent.   LoopFuse provides traditional […]

Robert Pease from LoopFuse on The Marketing Automation Podcast

Robert Pease from LoopFuse

Our guest for this episode of the Marketing Automation Podcast is Robert Pease, Vice President of Marketing for LoopFuse. Robert leads all marketing activities at LoopFuse and was most recently the Vice President of Marketing for Seattle-based Gist which was acquired by Research In Motion in February 2011. His past experience includes senior marketing and […]

LoopFuse: Marketing Automation Review

We just posted a marketing automation review for LoopFuse.  LoopFuse shook up the industry earlier this year by offering a  ‘freemium’ business model that has been adopted by others in the industry, most notably, Genius.   This was not a big departure for LoopFuse as the company was born as an open source model that has since gone to the cloud. As […]

Free Marketing Automation from Loopfuse

Screen shot 2010-07-24 at 10.01.09 PM

LoopFuse recently announced a version of their marketing automation platform designed to meet the needs of SMB marketers. FreeView, the free version of Loopfuse OneView, offers lead scoring, visitor analytics, and multi-flight, responsive email campaigns. Loopfuse’s most recent launch aims to nurture marketers’ need in the current climate of shrinking budgets and heightened pressure to generate […]