Why Social Media and Marketing Automation Can Be Better Together

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Most people are not fans of automated communications such as autodialers, email autoresponders and interactive voice recognition.  In most cases, customers would rather talk to a live person.  Maybe that’s why social media has exploded over the last few years and why things like auto-Tweets are dreaded annoyances in the social media world.  People just […]

Salesforce.com Hungry for Marketing Automation?

Kevin Joyce is the chief marketing officer at Market2Lead and makes some interesting observations in his article on DestinationCRM entitled Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? Is Salesforce.com a threat to vendors of marketing automation solutions? According to Joyce, the most likely technologies to become commoditized and be fully absorbed by midmarket CRMs are: […]

Social Media Meets Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is a natural fit to harness the power of social media and Marketo has released Marketo Sales Insight to do just that. Marketo Sales Insight is a native Salesforce.com application that integrates data from Marketo’s existing lead management tool with Salesforce.com’s sales force automation platform. According to Marketo, the application is social […]