Marketing Automation Visual Map

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The Marketing Automation Software Guide just published a new tool they are calling the B2B Marketing Automation Active Market Map.  This is a clever way to visually show where all the different marketing automation players stand out in the market. I like how they have broken down the list into 5 main segments: Leaders: Marketo, […]

What IBM’s Purchase of Unica Means for Marketing Automation

Last week IBM announced that it will purchase marketing automation software maker Unica for roughly $480 million.  IBM is a Unica customer and shares a number of clients like Nordstrom’s and Best Buy. Unica now joins IBM’s stable of recent acquisitions to join it’s WebSphere platform like… Cast Iron Systems – SaaS integration software Coremetrics – Web […]

Gartner Says Segmentation Helps Marketing Automation

According to Gartner, the most productive application of updated segmentation is lead management – particularly automated lead scoring. By converting segmentation criteria into business rules how leads are rated, or scored, providers see an immediate boost in lead volume and lead quality. “Even those who generate less leads resulting from a tighter, smaller market focus, […]